What’s Maximum Tinkering All About?

The term “maximum tinkering” comes from Nassim Taleb’s book The Black Swan. In that book, the term is used to convey the concept that instead of trying to do top-down planning to find opportunities, discoverers and entrepreneurs should maximize their experimentation or tinkering. The reason Taleb encourages this approach is similar to the reason for Mike Tyson’s quote “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. We’re pretty bad at predicting the future and often the biggest opportunities (and also worst problems) come because we cannot foresee them. So instead of trying to sit down and plan for them, the best way to discover these large opportunities is by maximizing the number of experiments we’re doing to see what happens.

So that’s what this blog/newsletter is all about. It’s an experiment in and of itself. I love the concept of maximum tinkering and would like to use this blog as a way to explore a wide variety of ideas, concepts, theories, and approaches.

Is there going to be some general theme that perfectly describes all that will be written about in this blog? No. But that’s entirely the point. I want to explore the wide landscape of ideas of all sorts. I’m sure I’ll talk about technology, politics, philosophy, sports, entertainment, and just life generally, but there may be many other subjects that I discuss as well.

At the end of the day, this blog/newsletter is a way for me to scratch an itch that I have, which is to explore the wide variety of subjects and ideas that pop into my head. It’s definitely a blog for myself, but I hope that by putting it out into the world, it may be of use to others.

Why subscribe?

Subscribe or don’t subscribe, that’s entirely up to you. I’m not here to sell this blog as something you have to subscribe to. If you find the concepts and ideas interesting, or just like debating me in the comments, then subscribe. If this blog isn’t your cup of tea no hard feelings at all, I’m sure there are many other blogs in the world that will be a better fit :).

By subscribing, you’ll obviously get access to all the posts as emails in your inbox or feed reader, or wherever else you consume this content.

I’ll also try to periodically do some things for subscribers only but I make no promises on that, the only promise I can make to you is that if you subscribe to this blog, you will get emails when I post.

And thanks again for reading! I know you could do a lot of other things with your time, so spending it reading my ramblings and random thoughts and ideas is much appreciated, I hope you get something useful out of it :)

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